About Me

Robin Long is a poet, writer, and curriculum developer in Austin, Texas. She has voraciously studied Emily Dickinson for over ten years to inform her historical fiction thesis-turned-novel on the life of Dickinson, The Other Dickinson.

She is a 2020 Pushcart Prize nominee for her poem, “What a time spent trying now,” which was also selected as a 2020 National Poetry Month Editor’s Pick from Brain Mill Press. In June 2020, she was a featured performer in the FEELS+Artery LIVE Digital Poetry Event: Volume 2, The Soul, and she is a First Line Poetry Series finalist with Alexandria Quarterly for her original poem featuring Emily Dickinson’s line, “A not admitting of the wound.”

Her poetry can be found in the 2022 issue of American Writers Review, with FEELS Zine in the Freedom issue and in the Kinship issue, as well as in the Art in the Time of Covid-19 eBook by San Fedele Press, The 2021 Texas Poetry Calendar by Kallisto Gaia Press, and in The /tƐmz/ Review, among others.