About Me

Welcome! I am a queer poet and writer in Austin, Texas. Emily Dickinson’s lines often feature across my poetic works in some way, whether directly quoted or solely in inspiration. My book, The Other Dickinson, is a historical fiction take on the poet’s life. I can be found elsewhere as @theotherdickinson.

As for my poetry, you can find my work upcoming in the 2022 issue of American Writers Review, as well as in FEELS Zine, Art in the Time of Covid-19 by San Fedele Press, and the 2021 Texas Poetry Calendar by Kallisto Gaia Press, and The /tƐmz/ Review, among others. I was a 2020 Pushcart Prize nominee and National Poetry Month Editor’s Pick for Brain Mill Press; a performer in the FEELS+Artery LIVE Digital Poetry Event series; and a First Line Poetry Series finalist with Alexandria Quarterly.

I have been studying Emily Dickinson, her world, and her extraordinary works for approximately 12 years. She’s *still* inexhaustible.

The studies have been my personal creative exercises outside of my own poetry. The sheer depth of her craft—managing pinpoint accuracy in word selection, yet still giving volumes of interpretation for any single poem—still simply amazes.

Equally as intriguing is the story of her life—mostly because we somehow know so much and yet so little of it at once. Conjecture in all realms abounds to this day, and arguments about her first person narration as /of course it’s autobiographical/sort of autobiographical/totally not autobiographical/how dare you/ pound the walls in endless classrooms.

When I returned for grad school for creative writing, I pushed my Dickinson research into project after project, and ultimately, into a final thesis of historical fiction chronicling her journey.