About The Other Dickinson


Backstory of The Other Dickinson

The Other Dickinson is a novel-in-progress (left) borne from a graduate thesis (right).

About nine years ago, I became really, really frustrated with the “narrative” of Emily Dickinson.

Spinster. Recluse. Afraid of humanity, general conversations, and you know, air? Altogether, just a shadowy wisp of a lunatic, but gosh—positively brilliant for a woman, er, “poetess.”

But the person who wrote the poetry I read, love, and cherish (say My Triumph lasted till the Drums, say I’ll clutch— and clutch—, and so many others) was nothing like the depictions that hurricaned their way into existence after 1886 (actually before her death, but hey, let’s be kind).

To state it plainly: I have to rewrite the story—to reimagine the reasons and tinker with the workings that gave us all we’ve accepted for so long—or I won’t sleep (well, which is nothing new—but I’d like it not to last forever).

If you’re interested in giving parts of the book a read because you’re a thoughtful human who enjoys building mutually beneficial literary partnerships, reach out; I’d love to read whatever work you’re passionate about creating as well.